”Woomargama Station” Woomargama NSW


Wragge family




Woomargama is a locality in southeastern New South Wales

What has been your experience with Tridectin

We live in a high rainfall area and need to have efficient worm control to maximise productivity. It is essential to use a combination drench for efficacy of worm control but also to decrease the chances of resistance building up. It would be reassuring to be able to use a drench which has a combination of actives and the ability to target any species which is becoming resistant due to the triple action of the drench. We would use Tridection after conducting worm tests to know whether there is a need to drench or not, and then drench according to the FEC results. We are conscientious in using drenches at the correct dosing rates to ensure efficient worm control for the health of our fine wool Merino flock.

It is always helpful to have new products for worm control given the rising levels of resistance to many products. It is vital to look at the return on investment when drawing up budgets for animal health treatments. Using a “cheaper” product can prove expensive in the long run if it is not effective and costs productivity.

We are early adopters of a range of technologies and animal health measures, and are proud of our record as sustainable producers in agriculture. We pride ourselves in having healthy stock produced with the highest animal welfare methods and welcome anything which will improve the health of our business.