“Barakee” Framlingham VIC




Taylor family


Prime Lamb


Located by the Hopkins River in the Western District of Victoria

What has been your experience with Tridectin

I started using Tridectin following an introduction to it three years ago after Rod Evans introduced me to it at Sheepvention at Hamilton. Rod recommended I use it as a finishing drench for Prime Lambs.

I use Tridectin strategically to finish lambs with excellent results. I normally drench the Prime Lambs and the mothers with Tridectin between 4 to 6 weeks prior to selling post shearing in. Shearing occurs in mid October. Our aim is to then finish the lambs with a skin of 20 to 30 mm with sucker lambs running on Strawberry clover flats in late January and early February without supplementary feeding. Our top lambs made $246 dollars last January. With all our prime Lambs averaged over $200 straight off mum, sold in late January and early February. I may use Tridectin on the odd merino who is looking crook during the year as a one off to boost my normal drenching program of using only Apple Cidar Vinegar to control parasites in my sheep. So when I use Tridectin I get an outstanding response as we do not have drench resistant build up in our sheep flock.

Tridectin is excellent, it has made me a lot of money when finishing prime lambs as it ensures all the feed the lambs are getting is going into finishing the lamb and not feeding parasites.