“Gooramma Pastoral Company” Boorowa NSW


“Gooramma Pastoral Company”


Corcoran family


Poll Dorset Stud


Located in the Hilltops Region of New South Wales


Gooramma Poll Dorset Stud operates as Gooramma Pastoral Company. Gooramma has been operating since 1970 in the Boorowa district.
Family owned stud operation selling genetics both domestically and internationally. We run 1200 Poll Dorset Stud Ewes and are one of the largest registered Poll Dorset Flocks in Australia.

What has been your experience with Tridectin

We first introduced Tridectin  into our drench rotation in 2019. The release of a new triple drench incorporating the use of a moxidectin active suited our operation here in Boorowa, an area prone of barber’s pole during key growth periods. The moxidectin’s longer tail for barber’s pole allowed us to ensure longer protection against barbers pole. Tridectin was initially used over our ewe breeding flock after the autumn break in March 2019. This was instigated by regular worm tests on flock. The ewes were grazing improved pastures on foothills, 4 months prior to lambing. We also MultiMin  on every stud animal here at Gooramma. MultiMin has increased growth, health and overall performance of our flock.

The new Tridectin triple drench is an ideal tool to use within a short rotation drenching program. The moxidectin combined with the levamisole active is a critical component of barber’s pole control. It will continue to be a key tool used at Gooramma. I would encourage any sheep producer to contact your local produce merchant or Virbac representative. Tridectin is a 10/10 product and is the leading triple drench on the market!