B.Ag Sci (Hons) PhD (Parasitology)


Tridectin was launched in late 2017 and as an independent advisor I included it in 14 farmer Faecal Egg Count Reduction Tests (FECRT) in SW Victoria as this was a great opportunity to see how it performed.

Tridectin was 100% effective on every property I tested, even on a couple of properties that had resistance or emerging resistance to single active Moxidectin and/or Abamectin..Tridectin as a combination still held up!

I wasn’t surprised with the results as the published data on Tridectin is hard to dispute, BUT as an independent consultant, I still needed to confirm the products efficacy in mixed field infections in South West Victoria.

Based on the trials I completed, I now have confidence that Tridectin works on mixed worm infections and can recommend the product to my clients.

As an industry, we have an over reliance on Abamectin based products over the Winter and Abamectin can be toxic to lambs under 10 weeks of age, so I think that if you need to drench at lamb marking or at weaning, then Tridectin can be a good option.

Tridectin also has a shorter WHP and ESI than traditional weaning drenches plus has extra persistency on worms and this offers greater flexibility for sale prime lambs post weaning.

What I really like about Tridectin is, that if this new product moves people away from single active drenches, then it’s a good thing. Use a combination drench where it fits…it’s the right thing to do!

For me, the cost of a drench is less important than it’s effectiveness. I see some producers still drenching with old products that are less than 95% effective, or worse still, continuing to use the same drench active without rotating and without knowing the efficacy of the active.

It is important for producers to consider the true cost of drench resistance on their property. The return on investment (ROI) from a good drench program is huge and undisputable!

I am happy to recommend Tridectin in a drench program in the right circumstances as it works!