BVSc Principal Consultant


“I have recommended Tridectin’s use to a number of clients on the basis of their requirements for a highly effective triple drench for use over the summer, autumn and early winter period.

Tridectin has performed to expectations, with all worm egg counts monitored after treatment recording 0 epg. No doubt this excellent level of worm control is a result of the significant reformulation of the active components of Tridectin, namely moxidectin, levamisole and albendazole. Notably, the new micellar formulation of moxidectin would have been an important part of improving the effectiveness of this new sheep drench.

Tridectin has also been readily taken up by clients running prime lambs due to its short withholding periods and ESI. That has given them confidence to use a fully effective first summer drench, yet able to sell stock that are fully compliant 17 days after treatment.