Dilledewong Pastoral Co, NSW


“Dilledewong Pastoral Co”


A family operation run by Rob and Jude Cooke, along with employee Glenn Haynes.


The property is 1174 Ha in size


The business is predominately a 1st cross ewe operation


The property is located 10km to the west of Cudal on the Central West Slopes and plains.


In an average season we would normally run 2800 Cross bred ewes; this year however (due to the drought) our sheep numbers are significantly reduced. We are currently running 850 ewes. We are however trading lambs through the feedlot.

When did you first start using Tridectin and how did you find out about it?

We haven’t yet trialled Tridectin on this property however the chemistry to control, single, dual and triple resistant strains will be very important, particularly in our trading operation, where animal health history is not necessarily known. We found out about it through our local sales rep Emma Dodd. Emma has been a wealth of knowledge and she has helped guide and recommend suitable products for differing situations. Tridectin is the next product to be used pending egg counts that are frequently taken to determine parasite infestation levels, and whether drenching is economically viable. The 7 day WHP and 17 day ESI is also an attractive feature.
Since we operate a feedlot, and animals are traded on a regular basis it is imperative that the lambs and other contained animals are healthy and parasite free. There is no excuse for animals that are unwell due to parasites or poor animal health practices. We follow precisely an accurate and detailed animal health program to ensure optimum health, minimal problems, maximum growth and feed conversion. All animals within this operation must operate at peak performance. It is too costly in time and feed if they don’t! We can see Tridectin being a very important component of this business and we look forward to seeing some results.
It is difficult for us to recommend a product we have not yet used, however we will be trialling a combination of products in coming weeks. We intend to vaccinate with 6 in 1 B12, ADE, MultiMin and if necessary drench (Tridectin) some 2 nd Cross lambs traded late last year. We have learnt that application of a vaccination, drench (Tridectin) and MultiMin simultaneously has a positively synergistic effect.
We have used other Virbac products, including Cydectin and MultiMin.